What makes MarulaLab marula oil best compared to other brands available in the market?

What makes MarulaLab marula oil best compared to other brands available in the market?

At MarulaLab, we truly believe utilizing the highest quality marula products available on the market is the only way to go. We take great pride in our marula oil, and here's why.


MarulaLab Marula Oil Benefits

Marula oil is a highly hydrating, antioxidant-rich oil that is derived from the kernels of the Marula tree, also known as the African Miracle Tree. Native to Southern Africa, Marula oil is most known for its fast-absorbing ability and its ability to lock in moisture. In particular, MarulaLab marula oil stands apart from other brands on the market due to its superior quality and active ingredients.


What Makes MarulaLab Marula Oil the Best?

MarulaLab marula oil is extracted from our special orchards - that are specialty-planted MarulaLab's marula oil, derived from specially bred and closely monitored marula trees, offers superior quality and benefits compared to those obtained from wild trees, which are typically less regulated and may have inconsistencies or potential contaminations.

  • MarulaLab prides itself on using high-quality marula products, especially our marula oil that boasts significant hydration and antioxidant properties, extracted from our specially bred Marula trees.

  • Marula oil from MarulaLab is superior due to its high concentration of nutrients like Omega fatty acids, vitamins (D2 & E), Amino acids, Phytosterol, Polyphenols, and Minerals, achieved through a proprietary -2 CO2 extraction system.

  • In contrast to other marula oils typically harvested from wild trees, MarulaLab's oil is obtained from orchards that are carefully monitored and climate-controlled 24/7, eliminating potential risks of damage or contamination and ensuring the highest quality of fruits.

MarulaLab's patent-protected extraction method

To obtain this oil, a reliable extraction method is required. At MarulaLab, we use a unique CO2 extraction method to ensure the right components are extracted from the seed material without sacrificing the organic properties. In this article, we will discuss why our CO2 extraction method is an ideal oil extraction method.


Why CO2 Extraction?

CO2 extraction is used by MarulaLab to ensure that the oils are extracted in a hygienic and bacteria-free manner. This method maintains the organic properties of the oil, thereby achieving the highest quality when it comes to marula oil. In contrast, other methods of extraction (such as solvent extraction) may reduce the quality of the marula oil.

Get the MarulaLab Marula Oil Today

MarulaLab marula oil boasts a range of benefits for skin health and hydration and is perfect for those looking for an all-natural skin care solution. Be sure to check out our full range of products today and join the thousands of skin care professionals and dermatologists who trust in MarulaLab.


Furthermore, our proprietary -2 CO2 extraction system allows us to get 100% pure, organic, high-quality marula oil with a surplus amount of Omega fatty acids, vitamins (D2 & E), Amino acids, Phytosterol, Polyphenols, and Minerals.


In conclusion, MarulaLab is the best option when it comes to marula oil. Our production processes guarantee 100% pure oil, allowing us to create the highest quality product.

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